Part 2: Owners losing patience with mounting charter complexities

Superyachtnews – 07 June 2017

Ocean Independence’s Toby Maclaurin voices concerns over the practicalities of the charter transport contract.

In February 2017, the European Committee for Professional Yachting (ECPY) and The Worldwide Yachting Association (MYBA) jointly presented the new charter transport contract, as an alternative to the existing ‘rental’ contract, for tackling progressively stringent market conditions.

Though there are concerns of the contract’s practicalities for all parties – Toby Maclaurin, Ocean Independence’s commercial director, described it as being, potentially, “the thin end of the wedge” – look to have somewhat veiled the theoretical benefits of its introduction.

“We stand at a crossroads and we must take the right approach,” Maclaurin said, during the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona. “When it comes to yacht charter, we’re luxury travel consultants first and we need to be very conscious of any barriers we put in the way of that.

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