Yacht Finance

What is it?

Once you have decided on your perfect yacht the next step is to finance it. From our experience the British flag also means British law; consequently banks feel more comfortable lending on the security of British yachts as the documentation is based on a familiar, popular and workable system of law. A marine mortgage is offered in order to purchase any type of pleasure vessel be it for sea or inland waterways. The loan is usually secured on the boat but the bank will require personal guarantee from the beneficial owner if the boat is owned by a company.

How can we help?

If you are not familiar with the procedures of obtaining yacht finance, this process might seem complicated and confusing. RegisterAYacht.com has established a close working relationship with various finance institutions and therefore has been able to streamline this process for our clients. As a result we are able to offer assistance in obtaining maritime finance from reputable lenders with minimum loan size ranging from GBP30,000 to GBP3m and beyond. Moreover, by providing assistance in obtaining a maritime mortgage, RegisterAYacht.com is able to take into account personal circumstances of every client and offer guidance at every stage in the process of buying, owning and registering a yacht.


In order for the bank to reach a decision regarding a maritime loan, the following documentation is required:

  • A clear certified copy of your passport
  • The (draft) purchase agreement for the yacht
  • The planned delivery date
  • The location of the planned permanent berth of the yacht and the sailing area
  • The planned registration country and any relevant ownership structures
  • General terms of the desired financing: loan amount, term, period of fixed interest, etc.
  • The Curriculum Vitae of the client and background information.
  • Financial information: an overview of assets/liabilities and income/main fixed expenses, including evidence of the main items. Personal Wealth statement.
  • Reason for seeking financing
  • A short summary of the future personal and professional plans of your client
  • A recent bank reference

This list is not conclusive as the requirements vary from bank to bank and depending on your personal circumstances we might need additional information.

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